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    EU urges Apple to open up its ecosystem to rivals under new rules

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    The European Union’s industry chief Thierry Breton has called on Apple CEO Tim Cook to open up its ecosystem to competitors, following the adoption of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) that aims to increase competition in the tech sector by imposing new rules on large online platforms.

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    Breton met with Cook in Brussels on September 26, 2023, but did not comment on the meeting. However, he told Reuters that he had urged Cook to think about opening up his ecosystem, especially for electronic wallet, browsers, or app stores.

    According to Reuters, Thierry Breton has now called on Apple to open up its hardware and software ecosystem.

    “The next job for Apple and other Big Tech, under the DMA is to open up its gates to competitors,” he said. “Be it the electronic wallet, browsers or app stores, consumers using an Apple iPhone should be able to benefit from competitive services by a range of providers.”

    The DMA, which was proposed by the European Commission in December 2020, is expected to be approved by the European Parliament and the Council of the EU by early 2024. The DMA will apply to online platforms that have more than 45 million users in the EU and provide core services such as search engines, social networks, online marketplaces, or cloud services.

    The DMA will require these platforms, also known as gatekeepers, to change their behaviour and ensure fair competition. For example, they will have to allow users to switch between different services and platforms, share data with rivals, and refrain from using data obtained from their business users to compete with them.

    Breton said this after meeting with Tim Cook in Brussels, where the Apple CEO is certain to have reiterated the company’s arguments about security and privacy.

    “EU regulation fosters innovation, without compromising on security and privacy,” Breton told Reuters.

    Apple is one of the companies that could be affected by the DMA, as it is facing several antitrust investigations and lawsuits in the EU and other countries over its App Store policies and practices. Apple has been accused of abusing its dominant position by charging high commissions, imposing restrictive rules, and favouring its own apps over those of third-party developers.

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    1. […] Oh, Tim Cook, the EU industry chief has called you out! Thierry Breton is asking you to open up Apple’s ecosystem to competitors. He specifically wants you to share your electronic wallet, browsers, and app stores with other providers. I guess he’s trying to spice things up and bring a little competition to the tech world. But hey, can you blame him? The Digital Markets Act is all about increasing competition in the tech sector, and you’re one of the big players, Tim. It’s like being the star quarterback on a football team and the coach is telling you to pass the ball around a bit. Will you be a team player and open up your gates, or will you hold onto your turf like a stubborn defensive player? The choice is yours, Tim, but just remember, the world could use a little more competition and a little less monopolistic behavior. Trust me, it’ll make things more interesting. Original Article: […]

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