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    DoorDash’s new pop-up sparks backlash over tipping culture

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    DoorDash, the largest food delivery app in the US, has introduced a new feature that warns customers that orders with no tip might take longer to get delivered. The pop-up, which appears before customers place their orders, says “Are you sure?” and explains that “orders with no tip might take longer to get delivered because Dashers are more likely to accept orders with higher tips.” The pop-up also gives customers the option to change their tip amount or proceed with no tip.

    The feature, which DoorDash says is part of a test to “help customers understand how tips impact when their orders will arrive,” has sparked mixed reactions from customers and drivers. Some customers have expressed frustration and anger over the pop-up, calling it a form of guilt-tripping or coercion. One customer who received a video message from a DoorDash driver complaining about her 25 percent tip said “I’m not going to tip you before I get my food. How do I know you deserve it?” Another customer tweeted “DoorDash is literally trying to force me to tip. This is ridiculous.”

    Some drivers, on the other hand, have supported the pop-up, saying it reflects the reality of the gig economy and encourages fair compensation for their work. One driver who posted a viral video on TikTok about undelivered orders with no tip said “No tip, no trip. I don’t care if you gave me two dollars, three dollars, four dollars. If you can’t afford to tip, then you should go pick it up yourself.” Another driver commented “I think it’s a good idea. It shows customers how much we rely on tips and how much they affect our service.”

    DoorDash has faced controversy over its tipping policy in the past, and changed its pay model in 2019 to ensure that drivers receive 100 percent of their tips. The company was sued by the attorney general of Washington D.C. over its alleged deceptive tipping practices, and settled the case for $2.5 million in 2020.

    The pop-up feature also raises questions about the tipping culture in the US, where service workers often depend on tips to supplement their low wages.

    DoorDash did not respond to requests for comment on this story.

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