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    How to Dress for Your Next Flight: Tips from Travel Experts

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    Flying can be stressful enough without worrying about what to wear on the plane. While most airlines don’t have a formal dress code, there are some guidelines that can make your travel experience more comfortable and convenient.


    Here are some tips from travel experts and former flight attendants on what not to wear on a plane.

    • Avoid open-toed shoes. They may seem like a good idea for warm-weather destinations, but they can expose your feet to dirt, germs, and potential injuries. Plus, you may have trouble putting them back on after going through security or taking them off during the flight. Opt for closed-toe shoes that are easy to slip on and off instead.
    • Avoid offensive clothing. This may seem obvious, but some airlines reserve the right to refuse boarding to passengers wearing clothing that is profane, lewd, or otherwise inappropriate. This can include shirts with vulgar slogans, revealing outfits, or costumes that may cause confusion or alarm.
    • Avoid pajamas. While comfort is important, wearing pajamas to the airport and onto the plane can make you look sloppy and unprofessional. Plus, pajamas are not very hygienic or suitable for different temperatures. Instead of pajamas, wear loose-fitting pants with an elastic band and layers that you can adjust according to your needs.
    • Avoid swimming attire. Unless you’re heading straight to the beach from the airport, there’s no need to wear your swimsuit on the plane. Not only is it impractical and inappropriate, but it can also make you feel cold and uncomfortable during the flight.
    • Avoid a single layer. Planes can get chilly or stuffy depending on the air conditioning and ventilation system. To avoid being too hot or too cold during your flight, wear layers that you can easily add or remove as needed.
    • Avoid bulky metal jewelry. Metal accessories can set off metal detectors at security checkpoints, causing delays and hassle for you and other passengers. They can also be uncomfortable or dangerous during turbulence or emergencies.
    • Avoid fragrance. Perfume, cologne, or scented lotion may seem like a nice touch for your travel outfit, but they can also irritate your fellow passengers who may have allergies or sensitivities to certain smells.

    By following these tips from travel experts and former flight attendants, you can ensure that your next flight is more comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable for yourself and others.

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