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    Cat Rental 101: How a mom and a Furry Friend Bonded Over Lasagna

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    A mother of two in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, has captured the attention of the internet with her unusual request to borrow an orange cat for a lasagna dinner with her children.

    Clara Edwards, who works as a nurse, posted a flyer at her local veterinary clinic, asking to rent an orange cat for 24-48 hours. She explained that her four-year-old and two-year-old daughters are obsessed with Garfield, the comic strip character who loves lasagna and hates Mondays. She wanted to surprise them with a real-life Garfield dinner party, complete with lasagna and a fat orange cat.

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    The flyer was spotted by Lauren Paris, who works at the clinic and tweeted a photo of it. The tweet went viral, with over 40,000 likes and 11,000 retweets. Many people offered to lend their orange cats to Edwards, while others praised her for being a creative and fun mom.

    Edwards eventually found a suitable cat named Teddy, who belongs to a woman named Maura Davies. Davies agreed to lend Teddy for the dinner party, which took place on Saturday, August 4. She also joined the party with her boyfriend and brought some lasagna for the occasion.

    Edwards said that her daughters were thrilled to see Teddy and that he behaved very well. She said that he even ate some lasagna, although she was careful not to give him too much. She thanked Davies for her generosity and said that she would return Teddy the next day.

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    The story of Edwards and Teddy has inspired other cat lovers to share their own stories of renting out or borrowing cats for various reasons. Some people rent out their cats for $25 an hour to provide companionship or therapy to lonely or stressed people. Others borrow cats from shelters or friends to test their compatibility with their own pets or family members.

    Cat rental is not a new phenomenon, but it has gained popularity in recent years due to the rise of social media and online platforms that connect cat owners and renters. Some experts say that cat rental can be beneficial for both parties, as long as the cats are well-cared for and comfortable with the arrangement. However, others warn that cat rental can pose risks to the cats’ health and well-being, especially if they are exposed to unfamiliar environments or people.

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    Cat rental may be a niche market, but it shows that cats have a special place in many people’s hearts and lives. Whether it is for a Garfield-themed dinner party or a cuddle session, renting a cat can be a way to enjoy the company of a furry friend without committing to ownership.

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