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    Robert Pattinson’s bizarre design choices: from inflatable boat to ear-shaped sofa

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    Robert Pattinson is not your typical Hollywood star. The actor, who is known for his roles in Twilight, The Batman, and Tenet, has a penchant for quirky and unconventional design choices, as he revealed in a recent interview with Architectural Digest.

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    Pattinson confessed that he once slept on an inflatable boat on the floor of his apartment for six months because he had no other furniture and liked the idea of living in a “blank canvas”. He said, “I started sketching pieces of furniture I thought would make people interact in a playful and informal way, they all had disproportionate, oversized elements that were quite fun.”

    But Pattinson’s taste is not always so austere. He also created an ear-shaped sofa with designer Nicole Gordon, which he described as “incredibly comfortable”.

    Featuring two rounded arms that jut out like giant earlobes, the sofa is covered in a white linen velvet with a base of pink onyx that matches drink trays in the arms.

    Pattinson’s fans are used to his strange and humorous interview moments, where he often makes up stories or jokes about his life. But this time, he seems to be telling the truth about his design choices, which reveal a lot about his personality and creativity. Pattinson is not afraid to be different and to challenge the norms of Hollywood and society. He is a true original, and his home is a reflection of that.

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