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    Meet our professional

    Editor Team


    Leo Parker

    Principal Editor

    A technology writer who covers the latest trends and innovations in the digital world. I have a passion for exploring how technology can improve our lives and society.

    Arabella Astor

    Senior Editor

    I'm a 26-year-old editor with a passion for written communication. With a keen eye for detail and an innate ability to craft compelling narratives, I specialize in refining content to meet the highest editorial standards. I have experience working with a variety of formats, including academic articles, creative writing, and marketing materials. My dedication to clear and concise writing has earned me a reputation for producing high-quality content that resonates with readers. Whether my proofreading for typos or developing content from scratch, my commitment to excellence makes me an asset to any team.

    Joyce Sundy

    Senior Editor

    I am a senior news editor at Trendy Digest. I have been working in the journalism industry for over 10 years, covering various topics such as politics, business, culture. I am passionate about delivering accurate, timely, and engaging news stories to our readers, as well as mentoring and guiding our junior reporters.

    Isaac Jones

    Principal Editor

    I am a science PhD with a passion for writing and communicating. I write about science, technology, society and more.I hope to spark your interest and imagination.

    Noah Smith


    Author&psychologist.I write about social psychology, communication, relationships. Hope to inspire you.

    Ethan Brown

    Senior Editor

    Passionate advocate for healthy living. Share food and fitness tips with you.

    Jacob Miler

    Senior Editor

    Ph.D. in history.Follow me for insights and stories.

    Ava Chen

    Senior Editor

    A passionate business writer. Sharing insights,experiences and news on marketing, management, innovation and leadership.

    Saila Lewis


    I am a news editor with 3 years of experience in the field. I excel in editing cultural and entertainment content. I am also very attentive to the development of new media, proficient in promoting news content on various social media platforms to increase brand exposure and audience engagement.

    Jade Harper

    Senior Editor

    I’m a technology news editor at Trendy Digests, a popular online magazine that covers the latest trends and innovations in various fields. I’m passionate about journalism and I enjoy writing stories that inform and inspire people.

    Mia Lee


    Reporter and social media enthusiast.I share my experience, knowledge and insights on Medium to help you better understand and engage with news and media.

    Zoe Wilson

    Senior Editor

    As a tech enthusiast, I enjoy exploring new technologies and trends. Stay tuned for some cool and informative content.

    Emma Taylor

    Senior Editor

    I am a traveler and a psychologist.I hope my article can inspire you and ease your mind.

    Lily Green


    I am an environmental educator,covering topics such as climate change, biodiversity, pollution and more.

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