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    How to Watch Movies and TV Shows for Free in 2023

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    You don’t need to pay for multiple streaming subscriptions to enjoy movies and TV shows. There are many free streaming services that offer a variety of content, from blockbusters to niche genres. Here are some of the best ones:

    • Freevee: Owned by Amazon, this service has movies, TV shows, and originals like Bosch: Legacy and Leverage: Redemption. You can also watch first episodes of big shows like The Boys and Jack Ryan for free.
    • Roku Channel: This service has live and on-demand content, including originals like Die Hart and Reno 911!. You can also access premium channels like Showtime and Starz for a limited time with no credit card required.
    • Pluto TV: This service mimics cable TV, with over 250 channels of live and curated content. You can find channels for news, sports, comedy, drama, reality, kids, music, and more. You can also watch movies and TV shows on demand.
    • Tubi: This service boasts over 50,000 titles of movies and TV shows across various genres. You can find classics like The Matrix and Rush Hour as well as newer hits like Brightburn and Emma. Tubi also has a section for family-friendly content called Tubi Kids.
    • Crackle: This service focuses on original content. You can watch original series like Startup and The Oath as well as exclusive movies like In the Cloud and Mad Families. Crackle also has a decent selection of licensed movies and TV shows.

    These free streaming services have some drawbacks: ads (unless you use an ad blocker), lower video quality (unless you have a fast internet connection), smaller content libraries (unless you switch between multiple services), and missing features (unless you upgrade to paid versions).

    But if you want to save money while still enjoying your favorite movies and TV shows, these free streaming services are worth checking out.

    Here are our recommendations based on your preferences:

    • Popular movies and network shows: Freevee or Roku Channel
    • Live channels: Pluto TV or Roku Channel
    • Niche genres: Tubi or Midnight Pulp
    • Educational and family content: Kanopy or Tubi Kids
    • Current anime: Crunchyroll or Funimation

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