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    Meet the Scorpios who love snakes, spiders and pit bulls: Why this zodiac sign is drawn to dangerous pets

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    They are the most mysterious and secretive sign of the zodiac, but Scorpios also have a passion for animals – especially the ones that can bite, sting or kill.

    According to astrologers, Scorpios are attracted to dangerous pets because they share their dark and powerful personality. They also enjoy the challenge and thrill of owning an exotic and intimidating animal.

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    One of the best pets for Scorpios is a snooty cat, which matches their aloof and independent nature. But many Scorpios also opt for more adventurous pets, such as snakes, spiders or scorpions.

    Emma Jones, 28, from London, is a proud owner of a python named Monty. She says: “I’ve always loved snakes since I was a kid. They are so beautiful and fascinating. Monty is very friendly and gentle, but he can also be fierce and strong. He’s like a mini version of me.”

    Emma, who works as a graphic designer, says she gets a lot of reactions from people when they find out she has a snake. “Some people are curious and want to touch him, others are terrified and run away. I don’t mind either way. I think having a snake makes me stand out from the crowd.”

    Another Scorpio who likes to stand out is Tom Smith, 35, from Manchester, who has a pet tarantula named Rosie. He says: “I’ve always been fascinated by spiders. They are amazing creatures with incredible skills. Rosie is very smart and can do tricks like spinning webs and catching prey.”

    Tom, who works as a teacher, says he enjoys watching Rosie in her terrarium. “She’s very active and entertaining. She’s also very calm and docile, unless she feels threatened. Then she can be quite scary and aggressive. She’s definitely not a pet for everyone.”

    But not all Scorpios prefer creepy-crawlies. Some of them choose dogs as their loyal companions – but not just any dogs. They go for the strong and dominant breeds, such as bloodhounds, golden retrievers or pit bulls.

    Lisa Brown, 42, from Glasgow, is a proud owner of a pit bull named Rex. She says: “I’ve always loved dogs, but I wanted a dog that could match my personality. Rex is perfect for me. He’s very loyal and protective, but also very playful and affectionate.”

    Lisa, who works as a nurse, says she gets along well with Rex because they are both Scorpios. “We have a lot in common. We are both passionate and determined, but also stubborn and jealous. We have a strong bond and we understand each other.”

    However, owning a dangerous pet is not without risks. Scorpios should be careful of scorpion stings, which can be fatal to their pets – and themselves.

    Scorpions are venomous and can cause pain, tissue damage and even paralysis in dogs and cats – and humans.

    The Spruce Pets warns that “all scorpions are venomous” and that “of the over 70 species of scorpions in the United States, the Arizona bark scorpion is the only one that can be considered deadly to both people and pets”.

    Dr Liz Waynick, a veterinarian who specializes in exotic animals, says: “If your dog or cat gets stung by a scorpion you should seek veterinary attention immediately. A sting by any scorpion should be treated as an emergency.”

    She adds: “You should also apply ice to the sting and prevent your pet from licking the wound. Your vet will remove the stinger (if it’s still present) and clean the wound. They may also give injections of pain medications and prescribe additional oral pain medications for you to give your pet at home.”

    Scorpios are not afraid of danger, but they should be prepared for it. Owning a dangerous pet can be rewarding, but also challenging. Scorpios should do their research before getting a pet and provide the best care for their animal companions.

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