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    10 Useless Household Items You Should Get Rid Of

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    Are you still struggling with clutter in your home? Do you have more items that you never use but can’t seem to part with? Here are 10 more useless household items that you should get rid of to free up space and simplify your life.

    • Old cameras: With the rise of smartphones, many people have old cameras lying around that they never use. It’s time to recycle them and free up some space.
    • Treasured items: We all have items that we treasure but never use. If they’re just collecting dust, it’s time to let them go.
    • Gifts: Do you have gifts that you never use but feel guilty getting rid of? It’s time to donate them and free up some space.
    • Makeup: Makeup has an expiration date and can harbor bacteria. If you have old makeup lying around, it’s time to toss it.
    • Garlic press: Most recipes call for chopped or minced garlic, not pressed; even when they do, substituting minced is fine. Instead: Use the flat side of a good knife or a mortar and pestle to crush garlic easily.
    • Exercise gadgets: Countless homes are littered with the dust-caked carcasses of New Year’s resolutions that never came to be in the form of so-called miracle exercise gadgets such as Thigh Masters, Ab Crunchers, and Shake Weights. Instead: Commit to a free, at-home, and gym-free bodyweight exercise regimen.
    • K-Cups: Like old-school film cameras and razors with disposable blades, cup-based coffee machines popularized by Keurig require a big purchase once, but far more necessary re-ups over the course of a lifetime. K-cups are convenient, but expensive, bulky to store, and create a lot of unnecessary plastic waste for the environment. Instead: Consider getting an easy-to-program and inexpensive drip coffee maker or even a single-cup version. If you really want the Keurig pod option, try using refillable K-cups that can be used over and over with inexpensive, store-bought coffee.
    • Banana slicer: A banana slicer is shaped like a banana, curve and all, and a single push makes perfectly uniform slices — which would be great if bananas were always the same size and had the same curve. Instead: A kitchen knife does the same work in less than a minute without the additional clutter.
    • Clothes: Do you have clothes that you haven’t worn in years? It’s time to donate them and free up some space.
    • Quesadilla maker: Designated gadgets for making quesadillas accomplish nothing that ordinary kitchen appliances cannot. They also create annoying cleanup and take up kitchen space — that is, until they’re relegated to storage or a garage sale.

    In conclusion, getting rid of these additional useless household items can help further declutter your home and simplify your life. Take another look around your home and see what other items you can part with.

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